At Reid Hospital | Our Healing Environment

reidhealthorg_544963029 Reid’s campus is designed for comfort and to provide a healing environment to our patients. A personal health crisis can be eased if you have the right surroundings. Reid’s natural elements and home-style touches, including local and regional art, are here to help, welcome and reassure our patients and their families


From calming greens to plum-tone carpets inside to beautiful gardens outside, every detail at Reid reinforces our healing environment. See light glisten on the water. Sit by the cozy fireplace in our main lobby. Take a walk through the Ginkgo plaza and Labyrinth Garden. Or visit an oasis on the second through sixth floors of the patient tower for a view of the outside gardens and our “green roof” just outside the second floor.

Each patient room also has its own scenic view. Some rooms overlook the activity on Chester Boulevard, while others allow you to spot wildlife in nearby fields, the Ohio Arch on I-70, or Richmond’s nearby reservoir. No matter what your circumstance, Reid is the healing environment for you.

The Art of Healing

As a result of a substantial grant from Reid Foundation, our campus is home to over 700 pieces of art. The majority are by local and regional artists who have created commissioned pieces to portray the landscape of the community and enhance the peaceful atmosphere.

“It is the hope of those instrumental in creating the Reid art program that it serves to provide a sense of warmth and comfort to patients and their families,” said Randy Kirk, former Reid Vice President/Foundation President.

Twenty artists and their work are highlighted in a guide published by Reid Foundation. The publication is at the information desk and serves as a self-guided tour of some prominent pieces throughout the hospital and Outpatient Care Center.

The tour begins on the first floor with a suspended mobile of sixteen clouds and then takes guests to view tapestries, sculptures, glass art, “mixed media art,” metal art, embroidery, and paintings highlighting a variety of techniques and styles. Guests will spend time near the grand player piano as well as many lounge areas, the Golay Chapel, and large glass windows offering beautiful views of the city.

“We know that many times families are waiting while a loved one is in surgery or a spouse simply needs to take a walk after being here for several days,” Kirk said. “This is just another way we can help them refuel mentally and spiritually.”

Reid Foundation has been responsible for funding the campus art work. Our outside gardens showcase sculptures, but also offer seating areas and a labyrinth made of brick for walking and praying. Both are calming escapes surrounded with the landscape and a gentle waterfall. In addition to the highlighted pieces, patients, families, and guests may tour additional galleries. The MacDowell Gallery on the second floor offers exhibits that change quarterly. The Outdoor Gallery consists of a number of sculptures, and the Administrative Gallery displays more than thirty original paintings by local and regional artists.

“The Reid ‘art of healing’ is a perfect project for the Foundation,” Kirk concluded. “It is about creating an environment that promotes culture, comfort and recovery. It is about providing a place of healing in body, mind and spirit.”

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