Is it time for your Medicare wellness check?

a5c288fea9d8f7181b6557d135f61fefYour Medicare wellness check is an important yearly appointment that you don’t want to skip. Wellness is about taking charge of your health and working with your doctor to both avoid and address health problems. If you have Medicare an annual wellness check is a key part of your healthcare plan. Here are five reasons not to miss this easy but important appointment:

1. Your wellness check is an excellent opportunity to ask questions


2. If you have chronic health concerns your Medicare wellness check can help you prevent additional illness

Even if you already see a doctor regularly because you are managing a chronic condition it’s still a good idea to have a yearly well check. That’s because your wellness check is about getting a complete picture of your physical and mental health. At the appointment your doctor can give you advice on how to prevent additional health concerns.

3. It’s covered under your original Medicare and Medicare Part B plan

According to Medicare Interactive the annual wellness visit cost is covered by original Medicare. Medicare Part B also covers this yearly well check if you have had Part B for a year and you haven’t already had a wellness check in the previous year.

4. Your Medicare wellness check can help you discover and investigate potential health concerns and chronic conditions

At your wellness check your doctor will measure your weight blood pressure and other important vital statistics. He or she will also ask you about any unexplained symptoms mental health concerns and your lifestyle. All of these different factors can help you and your doctor to prevent or discover potential issues and develop a plan to keep you healthy.

5. You and your doctor can develop a care plan together

If your doctor discovers a potential health concern like high blood pressure during a wellness check she will help you learn what to do next. Your doctor will refer you to a specialist if needed and help you to understand how your care plan can help you to stay healthy.

If it’s time for your yearly Medicare wellness check doctors at Reid Health can help you take charge of your health. Visit Reid Health’s Physician Directory to find a doctor who fits your needs.

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