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6c9a53afed3d2296e15de16f9cf011b9September is National PACE Month and the perfect opportunity to learn more and celebrate Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) across the nation. Reid Health PACE is among them, a program designed to help those 55 and over in Richmond and surrounding areas who meet nursing facility level of care stay healthy, maintain their independence, and remain in their homes longer.

In celebration of National PACE Month, here are five things you should know about Reid Health PACE:

1. Reid Health PACE is part of a national program focused on providing seniors with comprehensive care and helping them maintain their independence at home.
PACE programs are designed to provide coordinated preventive, primary, acute, and long-term care services. This coordinated care helps older individuals to continue living within their homes and communities. The National PACE Association provides leadership for PACE programs across the nation with a focus on quality of care, education, innovation, and accessibility.

2. PACE brings all your providers together to collaborate on your healthcare. The PACE Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) works together to make sure you receive the highest quality of care. Your providers, physical/occupational therapists, nutritionist, specialists, and other team members collaborate to ensure they have a complete picture of your health and wellness. The PACE team meets daily to coordinate participant care and your individualized plan of care, with your participation, is routinely evaluated to make sure it still meets your needs.

3. You can still see specialty care physicians as part of the PACE program.

While PACE is able to provide comprehensive health care services, you are still eligible to see contracted specialty practitioners as authorized, such as oncologists, outside of the interdisciplinary PACE team.

4. The PACE Center provides more than just health care. At Reid Health’s PACE Center, you are seen and treated by your healthcare team and provider. As a participant, it’s also a great place to socialize with others in your community, participate in group activities, or enjoy breakfast, coffee, and lunch provided in the company of your peers.

5. Everything is included in PACE, even your transportation to and from the PACE center.

“All-inclusive” really does mean that everything is included. In addition to covering your healthcare costs, the PACE Center, open Monday – Friday, is a community space for PACE participants. At the PACE center, you can enjoy included activities and meals. Even daily transportation to and from the PACE center and medical appointments is provided at no cost to you.

Adults age 55 and over who qualify for nursing home level of care may be eligible to participate in the PACE program. To learn more about Reid Health PACE for yourself or a loved one, click here or call (765)935-8959

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